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Long-overdue Upgrades

My cloud hosting provider recently informed me that I was using a version of PHP that would shortly be going out of support, so I've learned how to upgrade the site to use a more recent PHP version. It turned out to be a very simple process via their cloud hosting control panel, so I can update that more often in future.

At the same time, I made some changes to the site's configuration to improve security, including HTTP Strict Transport Security and a new Content Security Policy. I also added some new links to services that I use and recommend.

Learning Drupal: Module Updates

My default Drupal installation would not install updates to modules via the Administration pages. The update would download but not install, giving this error message:

UpdaterException: Unable to determine the type of the source directory.

Module files can be updated manually using FTP, but that is not a sensible long-term solution.

This site is now mobile friendly

This site has been upgraded to the popular Bootstrap front-end, which provides mobile-friendly design features and responsive menus.

The Bootstrap framework uses shared fonts and libraries including the jQuery JavaScript library. Some components are served from third party CDNs.

Major upgrade to the site

This site is now powererd by Drupal, an open-source web content management platform.

Why choose Drupal?
I have only ever used static html pages. I considered moving to Wordpress, which seems to be the web content management system of choice for beginners. Then I read about Drupal being more powerful than Wordpress, albeit with a steeper learning curve. I am up for the challenge.